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Nack the Weasels Hideout

       This Site is new and not finshed yet but my forums are open dont worry I will soon get my pal Tailsy to help me with this. Untill I finsh go to his super cool site at  htpp:// untill then Nya Naa!
2-9-05     Hey its NackWeasel and altho I have posted this site you may have found its not finshed. But that dosent mean you cant visit I should get the site into an so-so site by the end of this week and then a finshed and ready to update site by the end of this month. I plan to make this as big as chao island but even if I dont get This that far I dont care I made thlis because I like this!
Nya Na!

NackWeasels/Megamiles forums

This link will soon be added to my links page but i have yet to make that. So untill then go to it through this link. Nya Na!

Note: NackWeasel is also known as Megamiles